First Impression Review of Logitech H650e USB Stereo Headset Lync Optimized


Below is my video review of the Logitech H650e USB headset that is Lync Optimized.

Logitech has a new focus on enterprise devices branded as “Logitech for Business” and the Logitech USB Headset Stereo H650e is one of the devices in the line up.  (Some others: the Logitech c930e)


Below is a picture of the headset.  The H650e is a well built headset that has all the standard features you expect from a stereo USB headset. It does stereo, wideband audio, has acoustic echo cancelation and noise cancelling mic.

I would point out the unique flat tangle resistant USB cord.


The controls for the 650e are on the cord and include: Mute, Pickup/Hang-up, Up and down volume. A nice touch is that you can feel the Up volume versus the Down volume by the raised plus button.

The volume has 25 settings. Top and bottom of range is indicated by a “double beep” and position in range is audibly indicated through the headset.


To visually set or see the audio, click on Windows Speaker tray icon during a call.


The Pickup/Hang-up button has a white indicator light and mute has a red light.


The H650e has a flexible microphone boom that has a rubberized feel. As you will note in the picture above and below, the USB cord is well protected for daily use by “bend protectors” at the plug, controller and entry into the headset, which seems like a very good design to me.


The H650e has a red light to indicate that headset wearer is on a call. This is viewable from behind.


Other stuff in the box: getting Started guide, storage/protector pouch and clip to fasten cord.


The H650e is a Stereo headset so if you want stereo sound delivered when it is available, go into Lync Options | Audio Device and check “Stereo audio playback”. (some premium Lync Optimized device willl create actual stereo sound. examples: Lync Room Systems, the Logitech c930e and some other devices)


Some Notes

There is also a mono version of the H650e. Also there is a DECT wireless version call the Logitech Wireless Headset Dual H820e. (review coming soon)



  • Stereo, Wide Band audio that sounds great to me
  • Tangle resistant USB cord is a nice touch
  • Well protected USB cord looks designed for “Business” everyday use
  • Lync Optimized


  • at higher volumes I notice a very slight crackle in the feedback audio

My experience with the H650e is that is just works and provides excellent headset quality and experience at a quite reasonable price. When combined with the Logitech c930e you get an audio/video experience with technical specs that, at the moment, are hard to match from another single vendor. If you are a “Plantronics shop”, Logitech for Business is giving some very real reasons to look at alternatives.

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