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Lync Ideascale is a community based forum started in 2008 to give everyone a way to give quick, structured, informal (Microsoft does not support this community in any way) feedback on the Microsoft Lync product. (actually I started this forum to create an organized way to store my list of wishes, but it quickly became more than that). Since then it has grown to over 350 contributors, 132 ideas and over 13,000 votes. As with other Lync efforts I’ve initiated, this one has grown way beyond what I initially expected.

While started to make a list of “wishes” Lync.ideascale has become much much more valuable in three ways:

  • You can quickly check if you are overlooking a feature, or if indeed it is missing
  • In idea comments there is often a work around for missing feature
  • Microsoft has addressed several of the TOP voted items

Below are some quick statistics to give you an idea what is happening at Lync.Ideascale:

  • 366 Community Contributors
  • Over 13,000 Votes
  • About 300 Comments
  • 132 Ideas
  • 14% of Ideas submitted have been addressed. To see items, click here.

Some quick visual charts:

Idea Status Report: 14% of Ideas Have Been Acted on By Microsoft



Idea By Category



Some tips when using Lync.Ideascale

  • Remember: no commitment from Microsoft to watch lync.ideascale
    • (but 14% gives hint it’s not impossible its being watched.)
  • I really suggest when you submit an idea that it be only one well defined item instead of a grab bag of grievances.
    • This lets us easily mark it completed (instead of it being partially compeleted)
    • Others can comment suggested workarounds more clearly
    • Example of good and bad entry
      • Bad: Response Groups have lots of problems
      • Good: Response Group delay on

imageSome other industry mentions I’ve noticed include Bern Elliot of Gartner. I don’t know if this makes compiling the “UC Magic Quadrant” report easier, but it certainly is a ground level view of Lync. Also appreciate the mention on the UC Architects Podcast in Episode 20.(another huge source Lync community created content)

Finally, thanks for you contribution on Lync.Ideascale…It has grown way above my initial expectation due to your help! And thanks for all your contributions to the Lync Community generally, Microsoft Lync is buzzing online because of it.

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