First Picture of #Polycom CX5500 “Roundtable”IP #Lync Video & #SIP Audio Conference Station With It’s “CPU”


We have written about the CX5100 (USB)/CX5500 (IP) “Roundtable” devices before, but Graham Walsh posts the first picture of the Polycom CX5500 (SIP and Lync) IP video conference device with what appears to be the CPU beside it.

The CX5500 Unified  Conference Station, unlike the original “Roundtable” and it’s little sibling, the CX5100, is a standalone IP device that does not require a PC.


It appears that the CX5500 “CPU” has matching look: black with chrome, silver and red trim. (In a sense the CX5500 appears to be a CX5100 with touchscreen control and a “small PC” added)


Some of the known Polycom CX5500 Unified Conference Station’s features:

  • 1080p 30fps HD 360 degree Video
  • (5100 USB Only or 5500 as complete conference phone)
  • SIP HD Audio conference explained Click Here
  • New CX5500 Will Have a Touch Screen Interface (Click here)
  • Can optionally be Integrated with Lync Room System
  • Custom built for Lync 2013
  • Device physical design revamp from original “Roundtable”
  • “An all-new user interface”
  • New The CX5500 can be a “fully featured SIP conference phone”
    • So if you are not using Lync you can still use the CX5500 for audio conference (Click here)



  1. Great job keeping the UC world up-to-date Matt.

    It will be interesting to see (hoping) that the older/original RoundTables will be able to use the standalone IP device (the CX5100). I have several that could use it!


    1. Hey Curtis, thanks, and that is interesting idea i wasn't thinking about... i really suspect the "cpu" (or whatever its being called) is really a "PC" running some firmware (VVX like firmware?) so in theory an older roundtable might/could work...we'll see..

    2. Also, unless my mind is getting confused, the CX5100 is the USB device and the CX5500 is the stand-along/IP devices.

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