#snom Releases Better Together over Ethernet UC Edition Firmware BETA for Testing #Lync


It looks like snom  UC Edition firmware version BETA brings Better Together over Ethernet to snom devices listed below:

  • snom 300
  • snom 370
  • snom 710
  • snom 720
  • snom 760
  • snom 821

At this time there is not a .CAB version of the firmware for Lync Server automatic updating and this firmware IS NOT MEANT FOR PRODUCTION environment.

It looks like snom is now using the “Better Together over Ethernet” as opposed to earlier moniker of “Enhanced Better Together”.

Also, *very* interesting: From the “Better Together over Ethernet Beta Testing Installation and User Guide” is appears that you can pair a snom phone with any IP address. (and not just the device plugged into the PC Port of the phone as in Polycom VVX case)


To get the new firmware goto and login.

BETA Firmware: Click Here
Install Guide: Click Here

How to Install snom UC Edition 8.8.3 BToE by D(one) IT: Click Here

Our first look at the snom UC Edition BToE:

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