#Lync Senior Product Marketing Andrew Cook: Microsoft Lync Is $1 Billion Business--By Itself


In an interview with Doug Green of Telecom Reseller recorded at ITExpo 2013 Las Vegas, Andrew Cook, Lync Senior Product Marketing Manager notes:


“We’re the newest $1Billion business at Microsoft,  there are 16 billion dollar businesses at Microsoft and Lync is one of them. I think we passed that in late May or early June (2013)…”
–-Andrew Cook, Senior Product Marketing

Doug Green notes:

“If Lync was its own company…that would make you [Lync] among the largest companies in the UC space...”

Andrew Cook’s thoughts on WebRTC:

  • WebRTC is a huge & hot topic
  • It’s not a standard yet
  • Start trying it out
  • It’s not going to revolutionize anything
  • Expect to see Lync WebRTC Meeting Join
    • Cook quote: “In the end, what we’ll probably see, (and I’m not promising anything) if a user wants to join a meeting using WebRTC we’ll do that, if not they can join via the Lync Web App…and do it that way…”

Cook’s thoughts on WebRTC are certainly not new as Derek Burney, Corp. VP Microsoft Lync, noted this back in March 2013 at Enterprise Connect 2013 keynote Q&A:

“…the Microsoft Lync Web App uses a plugin today. Microsoft will support webRTC as soon as the standard is ratified. This is a super exciting initiative.”

While we do not hear much industry buzz around Microsoft Lync and WebRTC, we’ve now heard Microsoft convey that WebRTC is likely in the Lync Server future.

Listen to the Whole Podcast over at Telecom Reseller: Click Here
Tom Arbuthnot: Click Here

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