What Happened to Spectralink #Lync Qualified WIFI/DECT Phones? @SpectralinkCorp


As most of us know the Spectralink WIFI/DECT phone unit was sold by Polycom and is no longer a part of Polycom.

It is now here:

Spectralink notes in support document page 5 that Polycom UCS (Lync Firmware) and Specralink have separated ways as of September 2012 with Spectralink 4.2.0.


Very clever! Spectralink makes admin tool out of Plug Computer!


I think I saw this little appliance in a previous a snom ONE SOHO.


Now that Polycom has released the UCS 5.0.0, I’m curious if/when we will see a new update for the Spectralink 84xx series? If you know please comment.

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