snom PA1 SIP Loudspeaker First Impression Video

I just had the chance to review the snom PA1 SIP Loudspeaker unit. Wow, nice unit. Easy to setup. Well made (metal!). Power over ethernet. Reasonable price: $150-$200. Uses snom's legendary firmware.

ps-A source has confirmed there will be an OCS firmware for the snom PA1. It has not quite been released yet.


  1. Hi Matt - Any further impression on this? Is it Lync 2010 compatible/supported? I am being pursuaded to use the Algo 8180 + some software that will make overhead paging work through the Audiocodes 1000's we will be implementing. The snom solution just seems easier.

  2. i'm working on a Lync paging blog article. Not sure which week it will go live.

    in short the snom pa1 does have lync firmware that does work (how ever it is not Lync Certified).

  3. Any idea if I can use Google Voice?


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