Missing 3CX Feature List Looks Like snom ONE Current Feature List?

[Fair Disclosure: I have contributed thousands of posts to the 3CX forums, our company, Landis Computer, was the first 3CX Premium Partner in the world and I have co-written a book on 3CX . Currently we do Windows communication solutions consulting on the products snom ONE, 3CX and Microsoft's Lync Server 2010. Note that we are currently a snom reseller and recommend snom ONE for our clients, but I will try to give both sides.]

[Note: I made some serious mistakes on the blog post! Actually some features I though were not in snom ONE ACTUALLY ARE! They are listed in read. Soo, even less more missing 3CX features snom ONE has!]

I was reading over the 3CX suggestion list today and was thinking...
hmm...the missing 3CX phone system feature list looks surprisingly close to the current snom ONE phone system feature list! ;-) I'm astonished.

Comparison of Some of the Missing Features:

A yes indicates that snom ONE has implemented this feature already. This was done quickly so if there is an error please let me know and I'll correct. (Note that snom ONE missing feature list is below also.)

Automatically Set a different attendent message for Holidays = Yes
Ability to Disable Voip trunks = Yes
Busy Tone Instead of License Message = Yes
Extension can be part of multiple groups = Yes? (outbound calling groups handled smoothly)
Music on Hold Live Stream Ability = Yes
Active Directory Integration = No (snom ONE does not integrate to AD. It also does not import AD like 3CX does)
Server Health Page = Yes
Bank Holidays = Yes, Partially. (snom ONE does not do 1st monday, but does do date range and one off's.)
Bulk Extension Import/Export = Yes
Ring Back for Call Parking = Yes
Seperate Greeting for each presence mode = Yes, partially. (snom ONE has 5 voicemail greetings set via voicemail menu )
Ability to Change Trunk Names = Yes
Increment Next Extension Number = No
Copy Settings Among Users = Yes, BLF assignment is much easier to manage. No copying required.
Chat History/Logging of chats = No
Ringgroup Mailbox = Yes
Different Operator for each extension group = snom ONE can do multitenant which accomplishes this and more.
Average Wait time announcement in queues = No, position but not wait time.
Multiple break in announcements in queues = Yes, 10 messages and music on hold is automixed too!
Softphone syncs Outlook Contacts = The Personal Call Assistant Imports Outlook contacts, but not syncs
Import/Export Rules = snom ONE domains can be sent to a different snom ONE install.
Global Change to a specifc field in extension = No, but some fields in snom ONE can be cleared/changed globally: clear cellnumber, reset DND status, clear emailaddress, etc.
Recorded Call available from User Portal = Yes
Extensions Grouped into "Call Pickup" Groups = Yes
Improve System Logging Features = Yes, Excellent logging

Monitor Max Number of Trunk Lines in Simultaneous Use = Yes, a live graph
Granular Control of User Portal = Yes (SysAdmin | Settings | User Page Control)
Live Queue Call Statistics Monitoring = Yes
First Time Voicemail Setup Prompt = Yes
Indication of what codec is in use = You can press ? on snom phone during call to see codec in use.
Confirmation on restart all = Yes (not needed because there is 1 service and it is rarely restarted)
Display Caller ID from PBX PhoneBook = Yes
Send Fax Plugin = No
More options when leaving a voicemail = Yes
SNMP Interface for Monitoring = Yes
Ability to change other users status/presence = No
Clear Log File Should Clear Log File = Yes
Hierchical Structure for Extensions Groups = Yes (each user can see the extensions they need to on Operator panel)
Queue Missed Calls Should not show on phone = ?
Anti-Hacking Features = Yes (list of addresses, email to admin, etc)
Record Prompts using Handset for Digital Receptionist and Call Queue "Extensions" = Yes
Record Digital Receptionist Prompt from Handset = Yes

I stopped after first two pages.

More Items:
Allow Extensions to be grouped into Call Pickup Groups: Yes
Music on Hold Volume: Yes, via the MOH server. Also built in MOH is right volume.

Some Area 3CX Phone System Excels:
-Great Call Assistant (software call assistant)
-Great reach products: iPhone app, Android App, Softphone
-Easy gateway provisioning
-Wider handset support

With the free edition of snom ONE you get all  those features above (and lots more:call recording, call center features...) for 10 extensions and no call limitation. snom ONE free is made to work with snom's free softphone or snom deskphones and limited non snom devices. (2) If you don't like snom deskphones then snom ONE is not for you.

3CX Missing Features:
snom ONE Feature List:
snom ONE Missing Features:


  1. There seems to be some bad blood between yourself and 3CX now ? (I noticed that your post count on their forum appears to have been reset at some point ?).

  2. Hello Clivearnold,

    Thanks for your post.

    Yes, I noticed that they deleted those posts as well! That means a lot of content was deleted from their forums! (2500 some posts!)

    We have been using snom ONE/pbxnsip in the field now for about 2 years now with a lot of clients and we are having excellent results with it. Very stable, full featured and secure.

    After spending a lot of time with 3CX we are still interested in the product & the community.

  3. Hi Matt,

    I stumbled over your blog whilst investigating SnomOne as an alternative to 3CX.
    In my opinion they became quite arrogant when it comes to feature requests and on the other hand don't bring out a lot of good changes recently that benefit non callcenter installations. We are also paying maintenance fees for our small business editions. And some basic PBX functions that many users asked for are still missing.
    Deleting 2500 posts is unforgiveable. Maybe a solution to my problems was amongst them and now the information is gone because 3cx can't handle critical comments.
    I will do a test install of Snom One in the next few days.


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