snom 300 SIP/Lync Compatible: The Cheapest SIP Phone in the World Series - Part 2

This phone is the lowest cost deskphone from snom. It really stands out from the crowd of SIP phones in general because it is not only a SIP phone but also Lync compatible deskphone! And all that for $129 MSRP. It has the enterprise features too: POE, 10/100 switch, HD audio ready (you buy the handset ;-), 6 programmable buttons/lights (count 4 or 5 if you subtract the 1 or 2 you HAVE to have for a conversation.), a speakerphone, and even 3 way conference call via the phone. (if you have the right buttons assigned).

I really think snom is providing a great segway into the UC world with their well positioned handsets. Buy snom deskphones and get their free snom ONE phonesystem (Windows/Linux/Mac) for free now and be ready for the Lync Server revolution when you can afford it. (and it is just a matter of time before people are buying Lync instead of phone systems--EVEN FOR SMB!)

-no vm button!
-no nice way to print button labels?
-6 button/LED-taken up with normally dedicated buttons!!
-2 minute boot time

-Lync Compatible Device (see snom 3xx registered to Lync on this video)
-HD Capable (not HD handset)
-Zero touch provisioninh with snom ONE PBX
-Dual SIP Stack: Lync & SIP
-10/100 switch
-Free snom ONE PBX that runs on Windows/Linux/Mac
-Very low Power consumption.

-Sorry I can't get over it, but no dedicated voicemail button? even the lowly spa301 has dedicated button!

-Get your free copy of 10 extension snom ONE Phone system for Win/Linux/Mac and have not only low cost handset but phone system!


See Part 1: Cisco SPA301 - Cheapest SIP Phone in the World Series

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