Why Windows Phone 7 Is Great for Business & Why It's Not #wp7 #android #iphone #webos

I was just reading an article on Windows Phone 7 for business. I thought I'd quickly post my "why its hot/why its not" from my point of view. I won't be long winded.

What Is Already Great for Business:
-The perfect blend of business and personal life: Your exchange and gmail accounts handled superbly
-Built in Outlook client is very nice. (supports multiple Exchange, gmail,hotmail, etc accounts)
-The Facebook contact integration is just incredible.
-Sharepoint Integration Is Cool: It's sync'd so you can search your Sharepoint 2010 list even offline.
-Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote: View and Edit these documents, Sync to Sharepoint 2010
-OneNote Sync'd Everywhere via Skydrive (very practical cloud senario at zero cost for tiny SMB)
-Dynamics CRM Client (by CWR : goto minute 23)
-IP Camera Viewer for Wp7 is great for monitoring your workplace IP ams (and its free!)

What Needs to Be Improved:
-Office Documents ALL need to sync to Skydrive (Like OneNote currently does to skydrive and all office does to sharepoint 2010)
-There needs to be a Lync 2010 client for Windows Phone 7
-Built-In RDP client (for all the geeks out there)
-True VOIP/softphones Apps (skype/SIP/IM) (requires sockets access not yet available)
-The ability to access hardware more directly to drive augmented reality apps
-Ability to get corporate apps on the device without going through the marketplace
-A lot of the more specialized industry apps only to be found on iphone, android and windowsmobile.

Microsoft Powerpoint About Why WP7 for Business:

My Article on Pros and Cons of Windows Phone:


  1. Sharepoint, OneNote. Thats about it. That MSFT cut full ActiveSync support & SMS sync is an absolute joke. They own Exchange. They own ActiveSync and yet Facebook integration (passe..) is more important to them and obtrusive. WP7 is largely considered a failure (which sucks; as an MSFT SI we were hoping for a promising mobile platform).

  2. I have to somewhat disagree with you.

    The facebook integration is very good. ability to check what someone is up to before calling them (in one flick) and having facebook contacts avaialble on the phone in contact list is smart. Remember the huge user uptake of facebook even if you don't use it.

    On activesync, I think people are moving to a different paradygm of web sync'd instead of pc sync'd. While some people who have pc sync in the past are stuck on that method many other have moved on and it is very effective in syncing many devices. (phone, work pc, home pc, home laptop, and eventual deskphones.)

    Even iphone users are saying the UI is impressive and it truly takes less "touches" to get the job done.

    wp7 is out only several months and it's momentum only seems to be gaining. I think wp7 has work to do. But they are certainly in the race.


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