TalkSwitch Also Uses RTX Dect Phone

Just noticed that it appears that TalkSwitch also uses RTX to make their DECT IP phone! Hmmm…Does ANYONE make their own DECT Phone? ;-)

In a previous article I explored who the OEM is that is making everyone's SIP DECT phones. It seems like a lot of deskphone companies are having one OEM make their SIP DECT phones. That would not be a problem except that there seems to be a common build and firmware quality with units originating there.
There is (at least) one exception that I know off: The snom M9. The firmware in the snom m9 is entirely snom designed and there are some interesting innovations because of that: Lync Server compatibility, DECT roaming capability, 4 calls per base station, IPv6 ready and the promise of solid snom quality firmware.

TalkSwitch Uses RTX Dect Phone:

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