snom M9 To Hit USA in January 2011?

According to a snom support person the snom M9 SIP DECT phone should be available in the USA in the January 2011 time frame. Billed as the "first Lync" Dect phone, it also brings DECT roaming between multiple base stations. (albeit not during a live call)

snom is also quick to note that this device is entirely owned and manufactured by snom. (unlike the snom M3) That means it has a full snom firmware, allows roaming between multiple DECT access points (when not in a call), allows 4 calls and 9 handsets (versus m3's 3x8), and can act as a full Lync Server 2010 endpoint! It can also sports several apps including RSS feeds, support Vcard 3.0 and can do over the air FW upgrade.

The snom m9 and m3  seem to share a similar housing (similar in quality but not identical in shape; M9 has a new button design), both screens are 128 x 128 color and the primary charging cradle appears similar. (while m9 also can be charged with mini USB)

snom has been working hard to bring the new snom m9's firmware up to speed. They seem to be focusing on features around integrating the m9 into a PBX senario at this time but it's not hard to recognize that people may want to use this device in a standalone fashion as well. Will snom accomodate that?

While I do not own a snom M9 (because it's not available in the USA), I did have had a chance to look at one for a few minutes. I'll admit  I was expecting the phone to "feel" more like an enterprise grade (think Cisco  79xx/ Spectralink) portable phone. (perhaps too high expectations?). The fit and finish looks and feels largely like the RTX sourced M3--which is to say, just a bit cheap. (and, I should add, very similar to other dect handsets in this price range) Although I do think the new rounded buttons will be an improvement over the M3's tiny, flat buttons.

Another thing I noticed is that while it is mentioned that USB can be used as a method of charging the M9 users should note this means removing the battery cover. Perhaps not a great day to day option?

As I think about the m3 and m9 a question does come to my mind: Does snom plan to continue both units?
Update on 02/2011: snom m3 will be discontinued.

I think the big value that snom M9 brings to the DECT field is the snom SIP firmware. Among other things this allows this phone to be a Lync Server 2010 endpoint--a first.

Available Jan 2011: Click Here
Read More About snom M9: Click Here

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