Big Interest in snom ONE Phone System: Over 1000 People Join Forum Since Introduction!

I was curious what the interest would be in snom's new snom ONE phone system when it was introduced. I scribbled down the forum member count on October 22,2010 (just around release time) and there were 2,156 members on the snom ONE forum. Today there is over 1,000 more members with a total cound as of today of 3,356!

The snom ONE phone system that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac is a product we have had a very good experience with: extremely stable, very feature rich, secure and tightly integrated to snom phones. On top of this all it is very reasonably priced. This product fits perfectly into a SMB's Windows Server network very nicely--so I'm not at all surprised at it's growing popularity.

So, welcome everyone to the snom ONE forum and the snom ONE PBX!

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