snom ONE Plus: The snom Phone System Appliance

snom seems bent on allowing you to get your PBX in whatever form you want: software on Windows, Linux or Mac (snom ONE Free, Yellow or Blue). Or in a complete appliance form via the just announced snom ONE Plus.

So if you want to integrate your own system using an HP Proliant (or other server) or Mediant 1000 hardware: have at it! Or, if you want the integration done for you: snom ONE Plus Appliance.

Mediant 1000 Unit: I haven't seen pricing but I expect the Mediant 1000 unit to be higher priced.
Also, the unit will require that you integrate it. Also, no unified web mangement port.

What is unique about this appliance over a regular server?
-No moving parts: solid state hard drive, fanless and external power (does that mean brick/wall wart?)
-No need to see an OS command line since it has a web interface for everything
-Integrated with 9 varients of PSTN: 4 FXO, 8 FXO, 12 FXO, 16 FXO, 2 BRI (4ch), 4 BRI, 6 BRI, T1/E1/J1 (up to 30 ch), Combo (T1/E1/J1 +4 FXO +1 FXS)
-No need to buy or install Operating system

What Hardware is in this Appliance?
-Intel Atom 1.6-1.7, 1GB ram, 2 Nics (snom says this will support up to 150 extensions!)
-Sangoma PSTN cards
-Linux operating system

How Is this Phone System Appliance Solution Unique?
-You get all the features with one purchase: No extra licenses to buy for voicemail, provisioning or Call Center features.
-Scalable: Go from 10 extensions to 150+ in one unit.

snom says this unit will be distributed by the same distribution channel as other snom products. The appliance comes with 10 users. If you need to add Sangoma port you can source this through your favorite Sangoma Disty or Reseller. snom One Plus appliance pricing is not available at this time.

If you have interest in this appliance you are welcome to email us:

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