"Homebrew" Solution "Marries" 3CX & Microsoft Lync Server

All kinds of cool "homebrew" solutions have been released for Windows Phone 7 and it looks like some "unauthorized" solutions are coming out for 3CX Phone System too! A 3CX administrator has found a way to link 3CX and Lync!

This solution uses FreeSwitch (also a Windows PBX) as a go between.

Note: The author notes that this is not supported by 3CX or Microsoft so do it only on a test system.

If you want to link to Lync using directly there are several Windows PBX's to consider: snom ONE, Brekeke and FreeSwitch. They all support OCS/Lync integration natively.


  1. Aw thanks for the shout mate! Glad you enjoyed my article!

  2. No problem Max.
    You have found a solution that a lot of 3CX users have been wondering about.

    Thanks for your contribution to the community!

  3. It was a pleasure! My system has been running for a couple of weeks with 20 users making/receiving calls on both lync and 3cx without probs!

    Ps: a small clarification: it IS possible to connect lync directly to 3cx as it supports sip over tcp. What it doesn't support is bridging with any 3rd party pbx, so basically anything coming in from a trunk must end up on a local extension, or voicemail, or hunt groups etc, but always local (or forward to an external number), you can't just reroute the call to the following leg in another trunk via dialplan.

    The only way it supports bridging is with other 3cx systems using their proprietary tunnel. Of course this is not a technical limitation but a design decision. Which makes 3cx less interoperable than the competition.


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