I'm Just Waiting for the Imminent Windows Phone 7 "Nodo" Update and Nokia Announcement #wp7 #nokia

So, I've updated Zune so I'm ready for the imminent "NoDo" Windows Phone 7 update and waiting for Nokia's earth shattering "expected" announcement that has the WindowsPhone blogsphere and twitterverse in a hubub.

I think I'll just fold my hands and calmly wait for the great events to unfold...Ha!

PS-Actually, unless the "Nodo" update has some serious surprises, most of the things it brings don't overly interest me. Copy & Paste and performance improvement will be nice but I'll admit I haven't been wishing for them everyday. Actually the things that I wish for daily:

-Folder concept to organize all the apps!
-Save Camera Settings (i need to change them every time i use the camera)
-Microsoft Lync Client (or any SIP/VoIP client for that matter)
-Better hardware API's so apps like Skymap and Barcode Scanners can work better
-Multi-tasking/Task switching

Did you notice that copy and paste isn't even in there? There is a lot of noice being made about it but I wonder comparatively how much it will be used...

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