snom Releases snom ONE PBX Version 4.2 for Windows, Linux & Mac

snom has released version 4.2 of their full featured, stable and secure Windows phone system. This version includes a few fixes and some impressive new features/changes!

Some Fixes:
-The feature to retrieve a call that has already been sent to voicemail has a fix.
-Shared Line Apprearance has a fix.

Some Changes/New Features:
-Administrator email when user disconnects call has more SIP trace info included.
-A New "Web Page Control" tab added to allows access to editing any snom ONE admin page
-Registrations to third-party devices have been increased: snom ONE free supports 5 third-party devices, snom ONE yellow supports 10, and blue supports 40.

-New product edition: snom ONE green (includes call support for third-party devices).
-snom m9 Firmware update

To see more details or to update you snom ONE click below:

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