When Is snom OCS Edition a Good Fit for OCS/Lync?

What senario is the snom 3xx or 8xx OCS/Lync phone an option to consider? 
  • A very low cost handset needed for OCS/Lync (snom 300)
  • A very simple, traditional phone form factor (snom 300)
  • Use with your SIP based PBX now and OCS/Lync in the future
  • Use with SIP and OCS/Lync registration at the same time (simulaneously)
  • SIP BLF and OCS/Lync Presence on the same phone
What are some of the gotchas with OCS/Lync?
  • Currently snom is certified for OCS R2 not Lync (works with Lync since it is backward OCS R2 compatible)
  • Depends on opensource Snomtastic to provision and a Windows client to manage passwords
  • New kid on block so not as "hardened" as Lync Phone Edition firmware (?)
  • Some Lync features are not supported
If the requirements of the first paragraph above are not an issue then the Polycom CX500/700 series or the Aastra 6721ip/6727ip may be the options to consider. They both appear to be very nice handsets that are not dependent on a PC to be used.
Mike Storella, snom COO, talks about how Microsoft UC is affecting snom sales here.

Below is a video I did a bit ago on snom OCS firmware on the snom 3xx series:

A snom m9 DECT phone integrated to Lync: (not certified)


  1. We're considering a Lync deployment at present. We need a DECT solution for Lync for our switchboard operators in case they need to transfer an incoming call when they're not at their desks.

    Is the M9 reliable enough in that scenario? I'm not sure there is another realistic option for small scale usage.


  2. Neil,
    at the moment the m9 is really the only DECT unit available for Lync that I know of. Is it reliable enough? Boy, i wonder how snom would answer that? frankly it is a work in progress yet and what I would say is give it a try. I you want to ping me via email we can take this up in more detail.

  3. I've been in touch with Snom in the UK recently & we're hoping to get a trial unit soon. We use Live Meeting heavily so our initial Lync upgrade is going in next week to improve that. That then leaves us in the position of trying Lync as a PBX replacement.

    I watched that M9 video when it first came out and I understand the limitations for contact sync & presence sync. Our switchboard people know all the extension numbers anyway so transferring calls should be easy enough without an up-to-date contacts list. That would be no different to the status quo.

    I know Polycom are making noises about the Kirk & Lync compatibility but I suspect that'll be serious overkill for us. For technical reasons I don't think a WiFi device is viable for us. Our R&D dept have too many test access points floating around that makes Spectralink on the coporate APs less useful.


  4. #2-Get your WIFI in shape. Roaming capable wifi.

    #3-get this:

    #3-Put Lync client on it.

    Solution! (ha!)


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