Microsoft Lync Mobile Client News Timeline & “LiveStream” as it Becomes Available #Lync

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We know all you Microsoft Lync fans are excited about the coming Lync Mobile client. Since I’m watching with equal interest and in the interest of having accurate information out there I will keep a journal of publicly available, sourced information about the coming Microsoft Lync Mobile client.

The latest news will be at the Top. Bookmark this page as we will update it as more properly sourced information becomes available.
Let the countdown to Lync Mobile begin! Winking smile

  • 12-20-2011 – 10AM EST From feedback it appears that iOS push notifications are not in operation yet.
  • 12-20-2011 – Around 3AM EST Lync Mobile for iPad and iPhone  became available on AppStore. Click Here
  • 12-13-2011 – Push notifications are reported working by some Lync Mobile for Windows Phone users. (source: click here)
  • 12-11-2011 - Lync Mobile client for Windows Phone becomes available on the Marketplace early: Dec 11 around 7:20p EST according to WPCentral. See the app on Marketplace click here
  • 12/9/2011 – Lync Mobile clients available week of Dec 12, 2011 according to @ckale82 RT by DRrez) (dependant on each marketplace/appstore process)
  • 12-9-2011 – DrRez gives update on Lync Server 2010 Mobility on NextHop blog click here
  • 12-9-2011 – The “Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Mobility Service and Microsoft Lync server 2010 Autodiscover Service” is available for download click here (via @tomarbuthnot)
  • 12-8-2011 - The "Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Mobility Guide" is available for download: click here
  • 12-8-2011 – Lync Mobile app for Windows Phone is listed (but not downloadable) from Marketplace. See screenshots and more: click here
  • 12-2-2011 – Microsoft Partner training on the new Lync Mobile client schedule 12/9/2011. (for partners only-requires login) click here
    • Prepare for the upcoming Lync mobile clients and Lync Server 2010 Mobility Service releases
  • 11-22-2011 - Microsoft Australia confirms that Microsoft Lync Mobile client is coming to WindowsPhone, iDevices, Android and Blackberry in the next 4 weeks. This is not "news" since Microsoft has been communicating Lync Mobile by year end 2011 for some time, but it is another confirmation (source MicrosoftAustralia )
    • Also, I think this may be the 1st time that Microsoft has publicly fingered this number of specific vendors who will recieve clients.
    • Noting "iDevices" is interesting.
  • 11-21-2011 (2:45 EST) @tomlcskid notes that installing CU4 is first step towards Lync Mobile. He also notes that there are no dates for Lync Mobile clients but that they are coming "soon".
  • 11-21-2011 - Tommy Clarke notes that to use Outside Voice (aka: Call via work, Voice over GSM/CDMA or voice calling over your mobile voice network via client) on Lync Mobile you will need Enterprise Voice enabled. (this is what would be expected)
  • 11-21-2011 – @ocsguy notes mobility server components not in currently available CU4 updates.
  • 11-19-2011 – Appears that Lync 2010 November 2011 CU (CU4) Update page is here. My quick check shows no mobile client on WindowsPhone marketplace. Here are the URLs:
  • 11-07-2011 – “Lync on mobile is still on track for this calendar year…” @nomorephones
  • 10-26-2011 – WPCentral looks at the Lync Mobile client present on the Nokia 800. Their comment was “The communications app for enterprise was quite snazzy and very fast…”
  • 10-22-2011 – Information Week notes “Microsoft…will release a version of its Lync collaboration suite for a number of mobile platforms…”
  • 07-15-2011 – An alpha version of Lync Mobile for Windows phone was demonstrated at WPC2011. See this video starting at 20:44. See photos of the same session here.

You can also check for the apps yourself here:

Other WPCentral InformationWeek


  1. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the interest.
    There is no such thing as a new timeline. Microsoft announced "late in 2011" even when we launched Lync 2010, back on November 2010. This has been reaffirmed time and time again. There is no new news or new timeline, all is just as planned. Stay tuned, it's still "late in 2011".

  2. Thanks Captain Nemo,

    No intent in this article to suggest that anything changed. I reread it to make sure there is no hint of that--and don't see it. ;-)

    What you read as "news" was meant to be read as "News Timeline", in other words, an accurate timeline of what has been publicly communicated to us (the unwashed masses ;-) up to this point. ;-)

    Thanks for those clarifying comments and looking forward to a great mobile solution, just as planned, late in 2011!

  3. Looking forward to Voice over WLAN support on smartphones. Although Lync will be late to the party, it will be a huge step forward in functionality.

  4. @Tim

    The Lync Mobile client will definitely be welcome and great addition to the already strong set of functionality in Lync 2010.

    The publicly available information we are seeing to this point is mentioning the concept of "Call Via Work" using "Outside Voice" as mentioned by Tommy Clark in 11/21 entry above. Having this modality available and delivered on multiple mobile platforms will take Lync to the next level.


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