First Impression Video Review of Jabra Speak 410 USB Portable Speaker Phone for Lync


Just got a Jabra Speak 410 unit. My first surprise is just how small the unit is! (I received several devices and this box was so small I wasn’t sure what would be in it) It is a perfect “laptop bag” unit because of its size. The second thing that struck me is the quality look and feel: it strikes a good balance between too light and too heavy in my mind. You might think with such a small device it would slide around on the desktop when pressing the buttons, but due to the foam on the bottom and weight, it does not do this.


first impression video review of Jabra Speak 410

Here are my first impression notes:

  • Sits solidly on desk and has nice grippy foam on the bottom.
  • Feels and looks quality. Not too heavy, not too light.
  • Nice carry bag. Very compact. Will fit in Laptop bag very nicely.
  • Approximately 24" usb cable that can be easily stowed.
  • Dedicated buttons for volume, ringer volume set, mute, answer, hangup
  • very compact
  • big sound/loud
  • 11 volume levels
  • white LED volume level indication
  • Green LED in Call indication
  • Red LED for Mute
  • White Power On indication
  • The 410 has a built-in ringer that is separate from the PC Volume. ( the volume of the ringer can be set by pressing and holding where it says “Jabra” on the unit. Then Yellow LED’s will light and you can set ringer volume by volume +/-)
  • HD Voice
  • Firmware is upgradeable
  • Optimized for Lync and OCS
  • You can plug Jabra QD headset into Jabra Speak 410 using SKU 8800-00-99
  • Has built-in ringer and volume can be set (by holding Jabra logo for 2 seconds till the Leds turn yellow)
  • Jabra Call Manager does not work with the Jabra Speak 410.



410 Microphone


Plug in Jabra QD headset (adapter required)


410 with case.


Jabra PC Suite Software.


  1. Recently I just noticed a small but annoying issue with my Jabra Speak 410: during high CPU load spikes, the device produces momentary and loud clicking, scraping effects. Like having an audio cable plugged in with bad contact. I have to say the cable and the USB port has no problem, its not due to bad contact. This happens most frequently during watching Youtube videos (not even in HD!) with a recent version of the Adobe Flash player (which really get worse and worse with each release). I also noticed this under different conditions, when CPU usage wasnt near to 100%. Using Core2Duo laptop @2.1 Ghz, that should be enough for watching flash videos in parallel with audio sent to this USB speaker, so I am quite disappointed.

    1. @Ricardo, thanks for that feedback. But, frankly, how are you watching a youtube video and using a conference phone at the same time? ;-)

      In all seriousness, i think i've already heard what your talking about. Not 100%, but i think.

    2. Matt: this Jabra device is just an ordinary USB audio device. So if you are travelling frequently and dont have a 7.1 hifi speaker set in your backpack, this little gadget can make a good service to listen to music and videos as well :)

  2. Yes its a great device from JABRA to carry on and we use this effectively in small conference rooms.

    1. @VJ, i've got a bit of similar feedback: people that love the Jabra speak 410 and have been using the unit for some time.


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