#Lync Response Group Answer Experience: When Can I Say Hello? Right…Now!


When using Response Group service there is a small delay between when an Agent answers (answer= picks up handset, presses headset button or clicks on Accept) and when they can start talking. Each Lync client/endpoint provides some indication of exactly when the Agent can start talking, but unfortunately each is slightly different. On some devices the cue is visual, on some audio. (The latest Lync Phone Edition does an excellent job of indicating this via an audio beep so there is no visual cue needed.)

So… here is the grid:

Phone/Client Version Visual Cue Audio Cue
Lync 2010 4.0.7577.8087 Connected. None
Lync Attendant 4.0.7577.8087   Beep, Silence, On 2nd Beep you can start to talk.
CX200 n/a Handset LED will blink while call is connecting and then go steady when you can talk. None.
Polycom CX300/snom UC600 n/a Connected. None.
POLYCOM CX600/HP 4120/AASTRA 4.0.7577.4066   Beep once a second and will stop when you can start talking.
snom UC Edition Beta Will indicate “Connected”, then “Held By” and then a final “Connected”. Sometime during the “Held By” you can start talking. None.
Lync 2013 Mobile all none Beep once a second and will stop when you can start talking.

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