What?! Yealink Press Release Indicates Intention to Release Microsoft Lync Firmware?



I just noticed this 1/11/2011 press release that notes that apparently Yealink has indicated some intention of bringing Lync firmware to market:

The company (Yealink) has also confirmed it will shortly release firmware updates to its popular and well established SIP-T22, SIP-T22 handsets as well as the new SIP-T38G. These deliver compatibility with Microsoft’s Lync unified communications platform which harnesses rich presence capabilities across voice, instant messaging, video, audio and web conferencing.

This is interesting but talk and a working product are two different things. My quick look at shows no Microsoft Lync firmware. But there are some other interesting specs:

  • TI Aries chipset and TI voice engine (hmmm)
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet
  • POE
  • 4.3 TFT-LCD 480x272, 16.7M colors

It does indeed appear that the new required feature of any SIP IP phone, is ticking off “Lync Compatible” feature. snom is the only Lync Qualified IP deskphone, and appears to have a bit of a lead on other vendors. Polycom has release a Lync firmware (that is not qualified as of this blog) and currently seems to be working on Lync Qualified status.

UPDATE 5/23/2012: An alert reader notes that Microsoft Pin Point entry on Yealink also notes this intention:

“Officially certified as Microsoft’s Silver Unified Communications Partner in Year 2011, Yealink is on the way to deliver cost-effective phones for Lync customers to extend the value of network communication.”

UPDATE 5/24/2012: In an email from Yealink Sales it was indicated that “it will take times” before Lync firmware comes out.



  1. The claim can be found even in Microsoft Pinpoint - interesting...

    Greetings from Berlin,

    1. Yes, thanks for that additional source Jan.

      I note that Yealink says they are "Silver Unified Communications Partner" but the logo says "Silver Messaging". perhaps a small quibble though.


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