#Polycom Introduces First #Lync Wireless IP Phone And Announces It Will Divest Wireless Devices In Same Day



Just saw Polycom press release: “Polycom Announces Definitive Agreement to Divest Its Enterprise Wireless Voice Solutions Business for Approximately $110 Million to Sun Capital Partners Affiliate”

This strategic decision to divest the wireless voice business reflects Polycom’s focus on initiatives that extend the company’s leadership in its unified communications business.  Polycom’s enterprise wireless voice portfolio, which is part of the UC personal product category, includes Wi-Fi and DECT handsets, related infrastructure and accessories, and generated revenues of approximately $94 million in calendar year 2011.

UPDATE: As noted in the comments, Polycom paid $220M for Spectralink in 2007. Here is the press release: Click Here.

Read Complete Polycom Press Release:

Polycom Wireless Achieves Lync Qualified Status:


  1. The interesting thing is Polycom bought Spectralink in 2007 and paid double what they are selling it for now...

  2. @thelync thanks for that info. I knew it was not real long ago but i did not know the amount. interesting. thanks tom


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