snom UC Edition BETA FW Released With New #Lync Features: PIN Sign-In, Call Park, SBA, Music On Hold, Updates From Lync Server Support and More

snom is releasing a new UC Edition (Lync) firmware BETA for partners, customers and system integrators to test.

more features

This release has some sizeable new features:

  • Native Software Updates (manage firmware update from Lync Server like native devices)
  • PIN Based Sign In
  • Call Parking
  • SBA Support (Survivable Branch Appliance)
  • DNS NLB Support (Click Here)
  • Music On Hold (configured via Lync powershell)
  • Boss/Admin Functionality
  • Assign Lync Contacts to Phone Buttons from the Contact List
  • Asian language support on snom 821


FEATURE: Call Park and Unpark from Desk Phone



FEATURE: Assign Lync Contacts to Buttons Right on the Phone

When on a Lync contact select “Fkeys” to assign one.


Select Button/Fkey on the Phone you want to assign this key to….


Select the Function.




FEATURE: Contact/BLF Buttons Now Labeled

The contact name and presence state labels the buttons.


FEATURE: Music On Hold from IP Phone

MOH seems pretty straight forward, just use standard Lync powershell (CSClientPolicy) to enable music on hold.

Note: Limitation in this Version: Replacing the media file on the device with a custom file is not possible

FEATURE: Managing Firmware Updates from Lync Server 2010

(I suspect for anyone that used snomtastic the below screenshot is a welcome sight. )


This is not a complete list of new features, but just some features I called out.  I did not test features and Please note this is BETA FW, but if you want to test it out, get your snom login and head over to the snom user portal.

NOTE: You do need a partner, customer or integrator login to access this BETA firmware.

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  1. Does Sign-in with phone extension and PIN works for you?

  2. @Tadas, No chance to test yet, if you have feedback, please post!

  3. @Matt, I'm not good at writing articles :) But i hope one day I'll get better. Quick review:

  4. @Tadas hey, just blog. Don't shoot for perfect or great--just helpful. You'll do fine.

    Also, thanks for headsup on PIN. That is my experience as well.


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