Microsoft Forced to Rename Skydrive: Will It Take Opportunity To Showcase It’s Hidden Windows Cloud Desktop OS?


According to TheVerge Microsoft is being forced to rename it Skydrive product:

“A UK court recently ruled that Microsoft's SkyDrive name infringed on a trademark owned by British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB), and the software maker has agreed to change the name of its cloud-based service worldwide as a result…

I’m curious if Microsoft will it take this opportunity of change to showcase it’s quietly developing “cloud os”? (available at

Back in August 2012 I suggested that Skydrive is really becoming a free “Cloud OS”, and perhaps the most underrated and unmarketed cloud OS by a major vendor. The interesting thing is that while the individual products in Microsoft's consumer web service offering have names (, Skydrive, OfficeWebApps, etc) there really is no name for the overarching service as a whole which could really be described as the Microsoft Windows Cloud Desktop.

What are some features of the free and “hidden” Windows Cloud OS?

  • Very simple “Start” menu (with Live Tiles)
  • File Storage (Hardrive) in Skydrive 
  • File Sharing (even public file sharing with editing!)
  • Office Apps
    • Word
    • Excel
      • Excel/ Webbased Surveys
    • Powerpoint
    • Onenote
    • Outlook: contacts, calendar, email
  • Photo viewer
  • Notepad (advanced features)
    • Email (not only the client but the service as well!)
  • Presence & Instant Messaging
    • Skype IM/P
    • Along with Gmail IM capabilities!
  • Skype Audio/Video calling in the browser. (Europe only atm) Click Here
  • This web OS easily sync’s with WindowsPhone, iPhone, now Android

Below is a quick visual tour of the “Windows Cloud OS”.

The Desktop/Start Menu


The Office Applications included (for free)


Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Word


Hardrive Space (7GB by default)




Skype audio and Video Calling in the browser (click here for more details)


There are some ways we could say the service is not a complete OS

  • No configurable Start Menu/Desktop
  • No Ability to Install Additional Apps
  • Other?

So will Microsoft take this opportunity to give the “Skydrive suite of products” an identity as the cloud OS it really is? Say, “Windows Cloud Home Edition” bundled with WindowsDrive? We’ll see what develops.

Go get your free “Windows Cloud OS” right now:



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  1. I've used these things for a while, and I don't understand why no one else does. I think Microsoft services don't have much geek cred. So, everyone else just uses Google's services.

    Go Microsoft Cloud OS.


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