Qi Lu Becomes Head of Skype & Lync: Tony Bates Assigned to Business Development and Evangelism Group


Microsoft has done a big reorganization of teams. What has happening in the area of UC? It appears that Qi Lu is now the head of “Application and Services Engineering Group” which includes app and services in “communication”. From this it looks like Qi Lu is the new head of all things Skype and Lync.

The memo notes that Qi Lu will take over a new “Application and Services Engineering Group” and oversee Office and Skype.

Applications and Services Engineering Group. Qi Lu will lead broad applications and services core technologies in productivity, communication, search and other information categories.”

Tony Bates has been assigned to “Business Development and Evangelism Group”:

Business Development and Evangelism Group. Tony Bates will focus on key partnerships especially our innovation partners (OEMs, silicon vendors, key developers, Yahoo, Nokia, etc.) and our broad work on evangelism and developer outreach. DPE, Corporate Strategy and the business development efforts formerly in the BGs will become part of this new group. OEM will remain in SMSG with Kevin Turner with a dotted line to Tony who will work closely with Nick Parker on key OEM relationships.





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