Polycom CX5100/CX5500 “Roundtable” Gets Modernized: 1080p HD, New Design & Lync 2013



After looking over the new spec’s here is a very quick overview of what looks upgraded to me:

  • 1080p 30fps HD 360 degree Video
  • USB only operation (5100 USB Only or 5500 as complete conference phone)
  • New CX5100 USB Devices does note have a screen
  • New CX5500 Will Have a Touch Screen Interface (Click here)
  • Integration with Lync Room System
  • Custom built for Lync 2013
  • Device physical design revamp (show below)
  • “An all-new user interface”
  • New The CX5500 can be a “fully featured SIP conference phone”
    • So if you are not using Lync you can still use the CX5500 for audio conference (Click here)

More details per Polycom:

  • CX5100 Availability September 2013
  • CX5500 (with SIP telephony) scheduled for 4th QTR 2013

Device Photo (Source: click here)


CX550 Touch Screen (Click here)


[Video] Polycom Talks About CX5100:

[Video] More Details About CX5100 and CX5500

Polycom Press Release:
Various Press Releases:
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