Quick Review of Lync Enterprise Voice for Dummies


Fair Disclosure: I’ve been given a free copy of this book :) and I’m a super fan of Sonus Lync Certified Gateways. :)

I’ve been meaning to download and read “Lync Enterprise Voice for Dummies” for a little while and finally did. What is in it? Here is a quick summary of chapters from my “speed read” of book:

  • What is UC - Chapter 1
  • Why Lync? - Chapter 2
  • Value of SIP Trunks - Chapter 3
  • What is and When to use a SBA? Chapter 4
  • What is and when to use SBC? chapter 5
  • Ten Reasons to Choose Sonus... Chapter 6 (Grin)

If you are wanting a quick introduction to Lync and a high level look at Lync Voice, this book is it. It also gives overview answers to questions like What is UC , should we use SIP trunks, What are SBC’s and how does Lync keep my voice resilient at a high level then go get this free book.

In a way it seem like a whitepaper (and pure marketing in Chapter 6? :) with the appeal of a “for Dummies” book. (very interesting) But it does cover the subjects mentioned well from a Lync and Sonus perspective. It’s free so get a copy.

Get your copy here:

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