3CX IP PBX Tutorial Book Will Be Here Soon!

Rob Lloyd and myself have been putting a lot time into a new book on 3CX that should be out soon! (in weeks) This book will take you step by step through getting your 3CX phone system up and running and give commentary and real-life tips on Windows phone systems as we go. Think of it as going with Rob and Matt to install 3CX at a client and we are telling horror & success stories, our thoughts on pbx stuff and tips that work for us as we go…

I’ve also enjoyed the give and take on the . A couple thousand posts later (;-)—this book is some of that knowledge written down in an organized way. I’ve even asked some fellow 3CX’ers over there if they would be willing to contribute some of their content and ideas –and they’ve been super gracious. (as always)

Kerry Garrison and I were chatting on the phone about book writing experiences ( His trixbox book ) and he said “You don’t expect to get rich on it do you?” I forget my exact answer—I think I laughed out loud—but what my response to this is –Absolutely not! Forum participation, participating in community and giving back in general is not about what you get, but about-- giving back! In fact I am so convinced we must make “giving back” a part of our daily lives that we have a page on our corporate website dedicated to “giving back”!

Community and giving back is about giving--Thanks what each one of you is giving.

More about the book:

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  1. Please ask 3CX to spread the news once this book comes out. Well done and thank you


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