pbxnsip Windows Phone System Also Runs On Powerful, Small Appliance

Pbxnsip now has a version of their Windows phone system that also runs on the Plug Computer. While I’m not a fan of Linux, this product does introduce some very real value to customers. Imagine a small professional office that doesn’t want to have a computer running all the time for a phone system. Or an office that wants zero noise. The unit is incredibly green. ;-)

It administrates exactly like the Windows version and because it is a quite stable platform you really don’t need to delve into linux very much at all. (lot like a Linksys router—although more powerful). When the clients grows they can easily migrate to a more powerful Windows version.

The unit will handle up to 20 users, according to pbxnsip CEO Kevin Moroz. It includes most key system and traditional phone system replacement features right now. It also integrates to Exchange and Office Communication Server.

Article about pbxnsip & plug computer:

Plug Computer:

Note: that the picture is the next gen plug computer.

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