What Are Windows PBX Reseller's Favorite SIP Phone? Linksys/Cisco & snom

I decided to throw up a simple survey to see what SIP handsets Windows phone system resellers are using. A few days later I noticed that the 3CX Facebook group also had a similar survey going! What a coincidence! The windowspbx.blogspot survey has ended and the facebook survey seems to have collected the majority of votes coming. So here is the data!

There are some slight differences in the survey framing: windowspbx had no "other" category, 3cx had no "aastra" category and 3cx put Linksys and Cisco together (smarter I believe) but the results are still interesting. Some notes on reading the chart: Blue is WindowsPBX Blog results, Red is 3CX results and Green is the combined results.

It appears that Linksys/Cisco and snom are running head to head. But there you have it--it appears the Linksys/Cisco and snom are the most popular reseller phones.

Linksys/Cisco has huge market recognition, nice look/feel/design and at the low end some very cost effective phones. snom has good key system features and the OCS Edition firmware is a big value to OCS headed companies.

Note: It is no secret that I am a snom fan--but I didn't vote twice or any other way attempt to affect the voting! ;-)

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