3CX on Linux Rumors: "No plans for Linux ever"

If you see dubious looking ads that tout "3-c-x on Linux" you can safely be assured they are fake, says test and support engineer at 3CX. 3CX makes the 3CX Phone System for Windows as a replacement for various Asterisk renditions Windows savvy people used when they didn't have a Windows based phone system option.

Now there are multiple systems that run on Windows including 3CX, ObjectWorld/Addtran, Microsoft Office Communication Server, and pbxnsip. pbxnsip is unique in that it runs well on both Windows and Linux.


  1. Hey Matt, nice blog!

    Just wanted you to know that there is another Open Source PBX available for Windows. Its called FreeSWITCH and looks to be the successor to Asterisk in a lot of ways. I hope to give it a spin soon. Keep up the good work.

  2. Danny,

    Thanks for your post.
    I would be glad to look at FreeSwitch screenshots. I guess my experience with "free" in mission critical items isn't that good but I'm still ears.

    Could you post back with a good screen shots link? And your experience?

    Thanks once again,

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