40 Days - 40 Reasons You Want pbxnsip - By Fellow Blogger Jonathan Greenwood

I suggest you head right over to and subscribe to this blog for the next 40 days if you are a Windows communication pro. I’ve worked with many software based phone systems and this one has the most impressive feature set of any I’ve seen. The product is also very stable—1 Windows service and 16MB of code! (53MB RAM running 15 extensions!) The one gotcha is ease of use, (3CX has that nailed!) but once you have it under your belt you are ready to replace all those traditional phone systems/key systems people are throwing out!

They have a lot of interesting innovation: Integrates to OCS, a mile long list of features, very good mobile phone integration, key system feature replication, it runs on Windows as well as a small 4 PSTN appliance the size of a Linksys router, they’ve just released a plugComputer version that can run an office with 15 extensions!

Feature List: (not to steal Jonathan’s thunder, but if you want it at a glance—but don’t miss his commentary)

Note: I would note that this is a reseller/pro level product. If you are installing 1 PBX I might steer you to 3CX as they have simplicity nailed.

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