Video Review of the pbxnsip Plug Phone System

Impressive little unit is a complete 20 extension phone system! This is NOT a toy and incredibly well built.

-1Ghz, 512MB RAM, 512MB Hardrive
-Full featured phone system: voicemail, email-voicemail, Exchange Integration, Key system features, Music-on-hold and on and on...
-very well built unit
-rubber feet to set on a shelf or plug to plug into a wall jack
-very low power consumption
-no fan
-2 minute startup time

If you outgrow this unit you can move up to a Windows based server unit.
Watch my first impression review.


  1. Hi I was wondering where did you purchase device from

  2. If you are a company wanting one of these we would sell them to you.
    If you are a VAR I'll connect you to pbxnsip directly.

    Connect to me



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