Damaka’s Lync Client Xavy is Now Free and Available for #iOS, #Android, #Linux and Windows RT #LyncConf13


I have been following Damaka for some time so was glad to meet Ragu and Sandeep and get to ask them some question about their Lync/OCS mobile client Xavy. Below is the video interview and my summary of our discussion.

The Lync/OCS Mobile Client Now Available for free on applicable mobile marketplaces. Damaka is moving Xavy to freemium model so you can get a copy for free on the marketplace and only pay if you want support and to roll it out in quantities to your corporate users.

Unlike the new Lync Mobile 2013 client, Xavy works on:

  • OCS
  • Lync Server 2010

Versions for the below mobile platforms:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad

Xavy is also available for the below PC platforms:

  • Windows RT
  • Linux
  • Mac

It was also pointed out that Xavy allows IT to remotely control iPad devices, effectively allowing IT to support iOS apps.

Xavy has been working on quality and going through interop testing, but your best bet is to test it yourself before sizeable rollout. If you want to see my latest tests of Xavy, click Here.

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  1. I hear good and bad things on this app on the Play Store. Where can I try it for free before I buy? It's $9.99 on the Play Store.


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