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If you were not able to make it to Lync Conference 2013: I’m sorry to hear that! But I will try to do my job and bring you any announcements/cool new products/vendor product & interview videos via twitter so follow/watch or follow hashtag #lyncconf

Here are My Key Takeaways of Lync Conference 2013
  • Microsoft the first Enterprise communication vendor to have massive presence and connectivity from the Enterprise to Consumer: Living Room to Boardroom and B2X are terms Microsoft is using to talk about this developement
  • Microsoft has invested heavily to get a full featured Lync Mobile client, with feature parity, on all major mobile platforms: BYOD fully embraced and no fear that it will be Microsoft mobile centric
  • Microsoft is fully committed to Lync Server, demonstrated by announcing Lync Server 2014 in beginning of 2014. (no plans to rebrand it to Skype Server. Ent. and Consumer marketing will be intentionally preserved)
  • Now that Lync is in Skype division expect Faster Release Cycles: Already demonstrated by several things: iteration via apps stores, CU including much more than fixes, and next Lync Server version announced for 2014
  • Cisco and Avaya see Microsoft Lync + Skype as a major threat to their business as evidenced by blogs during conference (links below)
More Lync Conference 2013 Recaps
TakeAways: Monday 2/18
  • Polycom HDX 4500 is the first industry video end point qualified for Lync: Click Here
  • snom 7xx Series Now Lync 2013 Certified: Click Here
  • Audiocodes is planning to Lync Qualified there HD Series IP phones: Click Here
  • If you want to watch the Lync Conference Keynotes, please see the following URL: Click Here
  • If you are here at the Lync Conference, make SURE you give your biz card to any of the UCArchitects podcast guys with the black tee-shirts. They have 67 Lync goodies to give away (like IP phones, headsets and more)
TakeAways: Tuesday 2/19
  • A Lot of Details About Lync Mobile 2013: Click Here
  • Lync Room Systems: Native Lync software for Room Systems Makes Some Interesting Devices: Click Here
  • Surprise: The venerable Lync Rountable will Get Gen2 Revision (not many details)
TakeAways: Wednesday 2/20
TakeAways: Thursday 2/21
  • Lync’s UCWA API (thinks webRTC-like app enabler) Website coming at CU1:
  • Lync Server 2013 CU1 to be much more than CU, It will include substantial features: Location Routing, Group Call Pickup, Mobile VoIP clients, more…
Interesting Facts From Lync Conference 2013
  • 2,000 Twitter Mentions of #LyncConf13 on Tues Alone
  • Former President Jimmy Carter shared the Del Coronado With Conference Attendees: Click Here
My LyncConf13 Photo Book

Below is my photo stream for Lync Conference (or click here for slideshow):

Other UC Vendors Respond to Lync Conference 2013

Cisco’s Lync Blogpost:

Avaya’s Lync Blogpost:

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