Microsoft Lync 2013 Windows Store App Gets Feb 2012 Update

As if to underscore Microsoft’s commitment to faster iteration, the Lync 2013 Windows Store App received an update just after Lync Conference 2013 ended.

I was presented with this screen on first startup (which I think is new)


Appears to have a new Search” icon. I suspect to visually help people not familiar with Windows 8 “Search” charm?


Seems the Contacts/History/VoiceMail buttons were removed from the right click menu


a new one-click Mute and Hangup button during call. (thanks)


the scribble feature has been added to the client. Just tap the input icon to the right of the IM field to switch to scribble mode


Now scribble away.


Another big improvement to the client is the “BACK” button on most screens (see on 3 screenshots above) that allows you to go back to main Lync screen without 2 clicks. Great!

Known Issues That Seem to Remain

  • Windows 8 RT Call Control by USB/Bluetooth Headsets does not work
  • Windows RT tapping on Contact Group takes inordinately long to expand

Suggestions to Microsoft

  • The Windows Store screenshots are outofdate now
  • During a voice call, add a single-tap Hold button as well

If there is any other changes you notice, would be glad to hear them. Also, is there a list somewhere of improvements?

UPDATED 3/4/2013: Microsoft blog has now released an article with a few details I missed:

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