Microsoft Lync Mobile 2013: Everything You Wanted to Know

Microsoft has publicly demo’d their highly anticipated Lync Mobile 2013 client that does voice and video over IP. Below is an overview of what we heard about the new mobile clients.

Here is my 5minutes with Nokia 920 with the Lync 2013 Mobile client:


What Mobiles O/S’s Will Get Love?


What Features Will Each Client Have?


General Features



Who Will Get Call Via Work?

Exactly Who You would have expected.


What Video Codecs Supported on Lync 2013 Mobile?

Some ScreenShots of Lync 2013 Mobile:

What video will look like on iPhone:

SnapView of Windows Store App During a Meeting

Visual Voicemail will be on all platforms. this is a poor, but the only screenshot I have:


Some Things you might NOT have expected:
  • the iPhone version will NOT use Push Notifications but the same method as Android due to Apple Push not being reliable enough
  • Ability to control if WIFI Required for VoIP
  • Visual Voicemail and CallBack Method of Voicemail retrieval
What Will Be Included? and Not Included (from Q&A After a session at #Lyncconf13)
  • Visual Voice on all platforms (included)
  • Conversation History (not included)
  • Collab for mobile phone platforms is not included but “on the roadmap”
  • Adding Contacts is not included but “on the roadmap”
  • Call via Work Will Be Supported Along with VoIP (included)
  • Call Transfer is not included but “on the roadmap”
  • Will NOT include handover between different networks (WIFI to 4G for example) (Source: click here)
When Will the Client Arrive?

The simple story:

  • WindowsPhone and iPhone Q1 2013
  • Android Q2 @2013

But see more below



  1. Nice. No hints on multi party gallery video on iPad? That would save us a fortune...

    1. see i added video codec/scenario's supported section above. thanks for great question.

  2. For new Mobile Voice Over IP feature; did ms told what will be the server requirements to get it working? Any information related to the new feature list dependency based on server version (Lync).

  3. That is really too bad that they're taking away push from the iPhone. The push service recently started working well on for this, but we've had a number of problems with push working properly for Androids. I'm not sure if Apple cleaned something up on their end or if Microsoft cleaned something up in the Lync 2010 iPhone client, but it will be missed. We need IMs to be as reliable as text messages.

    Anybody ever used Facebook Messenger on an iPhone? It works perfectly. It should work like that.

  4. Hopefully Q2 for Android will be 1st of April..

  5. Can I host a meeting from the iPad using the 2013 iPad app?

    1. and share content? If so, I'm sold, otherwise, gotomeeting is the only other option.

  6. Will blackberry ever be invited to this lync party or are they out in the cold for good??

    1. traditionally blackberry has written their own client and i think this is the case now as well. Someone else may have more details though.

  7. And video works like a charm!

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