New Communication Endpoint Form Factor Makes a Windows 8 Pro Powered Mobile Your PC, IP DeskPhone & Mobile Phone: i-Mate Intelegent


via Seattle Times

According to Brier Dudley of the Seattle Time, I-Mate is set to introduce a Windows 8 Pro power mobile device and MWC.

This interesting device brings the possibility that BYOD could actually be a PC. While at first blush glance this device might seem far fetched, it does bring some interesting benefits if the experience can be made to work.

Some interesting Hardware Specs

  • Atom “Clover Trail” Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 64GB Storage
  • Windows 8 Pro
  • 4.7” screen
  • HSPA+ & LTE 4G
  • 10 Hours talk time
  • “Hub” that converts mobile device into IP Deskphone
  • Price $750 for Mobile Only; $1600 w/Hub, 23” Touch Screen, 10.1” Tablet.

Some Interesting Possibilities

  • Could take the place of Mobile phone, PC, IP deskphone (and tablet?)
  • Eliminates need to boot PC or move calls from mobile to IP Phone per say.
  • Power savings?
  • Run full Windows 8 App---On your mobile phone
  • Run Full Lync 2013 Windows Store App

Some challenges that would come to mind:

  • a good mobile experience is more than throwing a softphone on Windows8
  • Is Windows 8 Pro UI optimized for use as a phone?
  • Will Atom be enough power for PC?

Read the entire Seattle Times article here.

Source: Seattle Times

i-Mate Website? Click Here


  1. Very fascinating, but highly impractical in my mind:
    1. Personal experience: Atom is NOT enough power for a desktop, and it's not all that power efficient.
    2. Maybe Windows RT would work on a small screen, but not Pro.
    3. Needs more storage.
    I would love to see someone really crack this. No one has yet. Maybe in a few generations, something like this could be a possibilty

    1. yes, looks like we mostly agree. I think the idea of 1 CPU is interesting. It kind of flips the BYOD on itself: the BYOD *becomes* the PC. Interesting, but definitely, the experience will have to be good, which is a huge question.

      one question though: why RT and not pro? they both have classic desktop...?


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