Alan Percy and I Chat About AudioCodes Developments: Mediant 9000 SBC, SBC Wizard & Lync Firmware for 440HD IP Phone


Alan Percy (Audiocodes Senior Director of Marketing NA) and I discuss some new products and developments at Audiocodes with a bit of a focus on Microsoft Lync.

  • Mediant 9000 SBC
  • SBC Wizard
  • 440HD Lync firmware



Mediant 9000 SBC

  • 16,000 concurrent sessions (previously 4000 sessions was largest Audiocodes device)
  • Hardware (Mediant 9000 SBC) or Software (Sotware SBC) versions

Runs on commercial off-the-shelf hardware (yes, if it looks like an HP server, its because it is)

Mediant 9000

Why is 9000 SBC Unique? According to Alan:

  • Enterprise Focus: 9000 is Enterprise focused SBC (vs Service Provider)
    • accomodate disparate devices/versions
  • Familiarity: same software/UI as smallest gateways/

Alan noted that Audiocodes SBC’s ((9000 and others) use SEC for administration and does not plan Powershell administration abilities at this time. Audiocodes SBCs/Gateways integrate with SCOM and Audiocodes SEC but do not report QoE to native Lync Monitor server.

SBC Wizard

Audiocodes 4xxHD IP Phone


Alan notes that Lync firmware for the 440HD IP Phone has been released. (only 420HD had Lync firmware before and is only device Lync Qualified at this time) The new firmware version support Better Together over IP.

Unrelated to Lync but the Audiocodes 4xxHD IP phones also support OPUS codec (webRTC).


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