Microsoft Demonstrates UC Javascript API (aka jLync, UCJA, Name TBD) That Brings All Lync Client Modalities “In Browser”


In the keynote at Lync Conference 2014 Gurdeep Singh Pall demonstrated a custom Lync web application making use of voice and video modality in browser using what has the working title of “J-Lync”: a JavaScript wrapper that will let you embed all modalities into your website.

In a later technical session, Albert Kooiman noted that what is provisionally being called “jLync” he calls the “Unified Communication Javascript API”, but he was quick to point out that it is really an object model that sits on top of UCWA at this time. We were given some more details about the new object model that would sit on top of UCWA and make adding voice/video to your web applications “just several lines of code”.

First demonstrated was the ability of the current UCWA to change the Activity presence text using UCWA in a small test app shown below:

Screenshot (2)

Below was a demo/sample Lync client app embedded in the web browser doing a media call. (it failed with a plugin error, but you get the idea) Kooiman noted that using new Jlync + UCWA means Audio, Video, Screenshare in browser can be achieved with a few lines of code. (Whiteboard not at this time)

Screenshot (3)

Then showed what appeared to be a complete Lync client with media capabilities running inside Chrome. (there was no hint that Lync would get browser based Lync client, just a demo/sample application)

Screenshot (5)

And then lastly a demo of a video call from inside Chrome using the Chrome media stack. Kooiman was careful to remind us that this could only be a peer-to-peer call.

Screenshot (4)

Will It Require a Plug-In?

Yes. (graphically verified in demo :)


What Will It Be Called?

No name has been decided at this time, all current names are provisional. To be decided.

How to get jLync/UCJA/{whatever-it-will-be-called}?

Join TAP.

When does "Jlync" go public/live?

Gurdeep said "by end of year", but Albert Kooiman hedged that “it will be here when it is here”. "JLync" will arrive with a Lync Server Cumulative Update so it will not need to wait till Lync Server v.Next.

You can get the current version of UCWA (that does not support media) here: click here


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