Windows Phone 8 SIP VoIP Client: Linphone #wp8 #SIP #vodia #snomone


Looks like a standards based SIP VoIP client is available for Windows Phone 8 and includes most needed features:

  • Audio incoming calls in background mode using push notifications
  • Audio outgoing calls
  • SIP transports: UDP, TCP, TLS
  • Call history and statistics
  • Pause, resume, mute, speaker
  • Exclusive BC's VoIP tunnel extension available
  • Echo cancellation
  • Chat (text and images)
  • Phone contacts integration

Here is my quick first impression video review:


  • Push notifications only work with specific service

It’s free, so if you have a Windows Phone 8, go grab it.

LinPhone for Windows Phone 8 on Store:



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  3. Hi Matt

    I managed to set up linphone on my Lumia 625, it registered but when I dial out, it seems my voice is not audible to the called party, though I can hear very well..

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  6. for me this app keeps crashing all the time since i entered my linphone number in settings :(

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