Mitel + Lync: What Is Happening to Lync Assets Mitel Now Has?


Mitel has purchased several Microsoft Lync related vendors lately:

  • PraireFyre
  • Aastra

What does this mean for Lync Partners?

According to Matthew Clare at the LyncConf14  booth the Lync and traditional Mitel channel will remain separate, meaning Microsoft Partners will be able to purchase Lync stuff even if they aren’t authorized to sell Mitel equipment.

What’s Here Now?

  • PraireFyre has become MiContactCenter
  • MiVoice for Lync Client integrates Mitel to Lync: click here
  • Lync portable phone line (from Aastra)

Quick Screenshots

MiVoice (Lync client plugin)

What’s Coming

  • Mitel branded Lync Phone Edition (Aastra LPE rebranded; all products in USA will get Mitel brand for that matter)
  • Mitel is bringing a Lync Attendant Console to market in ~60days

Mitel with Lync suite of products is certainly interesting and will be interesting to see how this plays out.


Press Release

The acquisition will be complete on Jan 31, 2014. Expect to hear something after.

NoJitter Article On Mitel:

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  1. Great to see Lync heavyweights like you commenting on this. Keep these great blogs coming!


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