#LyncCoolTool: AutoAssist for Microsoft Lync Simplifies Requesting a Deskshare

AutoAssist for Microsoft Lync is a small, simple client side app by Tom Morgan that meets a big need for those using Lync to support users. In fact this feature is currently the #3 request for Lync at

Tom Demos How It Works:

From my quick test it seems to work quite slick: The tech/support person sends the $share$ key word in an IM (can be part of a larger IM) and the person that has AutoAssist installed will see the below popup on his desktop:


If sharing request accepted the desktop is shared and presence set to Do Not Disturb. If the tech/support person requests control it will be automatically accepted.

Note that the tech/support person does not need AutoAssist on his PC.

It free, so go over and get it:

PS- If you still think Microsoft should add this into the Lync client, Vote here:

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