Spectralink Pivot 8753: Android, Smartphone Form Factor, Durable WIFI Portable Phone


It was just a matter of when this happened, not if. Spectralink brings the Pivot 8753: An Android based, smart phone form factor, durable WIFI portable phone. (Wow, that was a mouth full.)

The model number appears to be Pivot 8753.

Some features

  • HD voice and full duplex speaker phone
  • PTT w/25 channels
  • Optional 1D/2D barcode scanner
  • ~$895 US

Pivot runs Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 which means that OS wise Pivot can run Lync Mobile 2013 for Android, which requires 4.x or greater. There is no communication from Spectralink if they support or allow this. Spectralink notes that Pivot “supports the Lync Android application”.


The Pivot does not have a camera at this time.

Pivot Specs (US):

Pivote Press Release:

Spectralink Webpage:


  1. One question, apart from PTT what is this offering a customer you cant get beyond a Nokia 520 or 625 at 1/5 and 1/3 the price respectively?

    The 8400 series I understand all the extra's, but this really just looks like a cheap android phone.

    Deane Jessep

    1. @deane valid questions that Spectralink will have to do a good job on answering. I suspect their USP points will be around battery life, durable and manageable. Things like rugged batter charger (think radio slide in tray) These types of things are not trivial., but will they justify the price? that is the question.

  2. They're trying to appeal to enterprise I.T. managers so the lack of Google Play means users won't be junking up the device with potentially compromising apps. The screen is supposed to be MilSpec tough, although I'm sure that will be put to the test by some. Since it's WiFi only it can only live within the security constraints imposed by I.T. which again keeps them happy.

    Only from what I saw at the Nokia page for the Lumia 520 it is just another phone, which the PIVOT appears to be anything but. Apples and oranges.


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