Another Review of 3CX IP PBX Tutorial by

Some excerpts:

...They did a good job at organizing the steps and order of implementing a 3CX system. This will help someone that has never worked with 3CX or any PBX solution. I like how the authors went into the history of 3CX and background on VOIP/PBX as well...

Some nice words on our discussion of 3rd Party Apps:

The authors did a great job at giving insight into third party apps that would help extend the functionality of 3CX such as: X-Lite soft phones, and Openfire (an instant messaging solution). Something new I learned is that you can use 3CX with Openfire to get a full unified communications solution.

Also appreciation for our consulting type conversation about what 3CX is and is not, a section I had to defend to keep in the book! ;-)

The section titled "What 3CX is not" is valuable real world knowledge. This would help someone easily identify if 3CX meets their needs or not before getting too involved.

Thanks also for the cons: There should be a section on Exchange. I agree whole heartedly. Maybe next revision? ;-)

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