The Favorite Free SIP Softphone Among Windows Admins Is the 3CX SoftPhone and Counterpath's X-Lite

The 3CX Softphone and X-lite ran neck to neck in this most popular-to-date survey we'ved run with 3CX inching just a little ahead in the end. All other softphone seems to have an inconsequential amount of votes. What do people like about these phones?

-Integrates tightly with the 3CX Phone System
-Integrates with the 3CX Call Assistant
-Incoming call pop capability
-The iPod like interface?

-Product has been around
-Video support
-SIP Instant Message client built right into the softphone
-Standard SIP Presence right on the softphone
-Conference call

Also here is an article about 20 Free SIP Softphones!

Thanks for all your input!

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