Opensource "SIP Communicator" to Bring OCS Like Features to SIP IP PBX World?

A couple months ago I took a look at the Opensource project called SIP Communicator. It's goals looked interesting but I couldn't even get the product to register to my SIP PBX so I moved on.

Just this weekend in my effort to find a rich, collaboration oriented SIP client--I ran across the SIP Communicator product again--And this time it got my attention! First I could make a call and IM. (big strides there). It also has gotten some pretty impressive features: desktop streaming and computer audio call conferencing...and more. (see who is speaking, mute the noisy person with a click!). One last thing is the UI got totally refresh that looks more pleasing to me. (actually it has taken on similarities in design to the MS Office Communicator!)

Some of the computer based collaborative features is what makes OCS just shine and if the IP PBX's don't get moving will make them irrelevant. Some of the collaboration features that typicall PBX phone systems lack is:

-Desktop sharing
-Computer controlled audio/video conference (mute that loud breather)
-Rich Presence
-Video calling
-Multi-Person Video Conference
-Full featured Internal/Biz/Secure IM
-Public IM Interoperability (MSN, Gmail)
-Social Network Integration (facebook)

Most of the items on this list the SIP Communicator either has done or has it on the roadmap for not that distant future.

This project has made huge strides since I last looked at it. It is still "unstable" but looks like it is getting closer to version 1.0. SIP Communicator is not doing a great job of communicating what they are doing and there isn't even a basic User Manual. But if SIP Communicator " can deliver the goods", this product is one for Windows (or any! Linux, Mac, Android) phone system people to watch closely.

I don't think the PBX world should pooh-pooh Microsoft's Gurdeep's claim of no deskphone too loudly. The power of a rich PC Client app deeply integrating communication and collaboration activities is very powerful indeed.

Maybe the SIP based PBX can still close the "collaboration features" gap with OCS yet? If OCS gets more PBX features--PBX's sure better get more collaboration features. Maybe the OCS / PBX battle isn't over? ;-)

Click Here to Goto the SIP Communicator Website.
Click Here to Download SIP Communicator for Windows

ps-If you know of a commercial SIP client with the above features I would love to hear from you. Please email me or comment below.

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