Office Communication Server "Talking Phone" Demo

One of the powerful things about OCS is the developer community doing things on top of OCS. In this demo Microsoft Research has done 3 levels of very incredible features!

#1-They transcribe every word of an OCS Voice conversation. In other words: as your speaking, in the IM window your call is being transcribed. Wow. Now, because Office Communicator archives IM conversations to Outlook, you have a searchable copy of the conversation!

#2- Next it will translate live too. So the person on one side of the OCS voice conversation is talking German and the IM client transcribes AND translates live into English.

#3-Then lastly is also will speak the translation. So a guy is talking German into his Office Communicator and out the other side is coming English. Just a pretty impressive demo.

This underscores the value surrounding OCS & Office Communicator that can not be over looked. The value of OCS is bigger than the features found there today because of the robust developer API's, support and community around it. Checkout some other OCS addons by clicking here.

Watch it here:

OCS/Office Communicator Addons:

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