What Do You Think: Are Mobile Phone SIP Clients Ready for Primetime?

I keep testing SIP phones for my Windows Mobile. They all seem either too clunky to use or have some major feature that doesn’t work. Or, there isn’t enough bandwidth (mobile cpu?) to keep a nice conversation going. Or in some cases it just doesn’t work—is the mobile provider blocking it? Here is some of my experience trying to answer the question: Is there an enterprise ready Mobile SIP Voice Solution?

I’ve tried the Windows Mobile 6.1 SIP client that is built into Windows Mobile 6.1 phones. This solution has a lot of potential in my mind because you are using the cell phone software built into the phone so there is not the switching between phone software. Amazingly this solution switches between GSM and WIFI automatically when WIFI is available. That is cool. But this solution requires a “hack” to get it working. Well, kinda working. In my case the voice volume was not acceptable and the ever present issue with the voice/audio coming out the speaker phone instead of the ear piece. So slash that one of the list.

I’ve also tried Ageet phone. This brings up the issue of running 2 phones on your mobile phone which I find a little “geeky” and fiddle prone. But of all the Windows Mobile SIP phones I’ve looked at this seems the most mature and simple to install and get working. But once again the voice came out the wrong speaker.Now that I could actually make a call I noticed that the call audio broke up. Not enough bandwidth? Not enough phone cpu? No sure.

What about iPhone? I’m not a iPhone user but I hear the problem there is that you run 1 application at a time so it is a little tricking to get your calls…but maybe someone can correct me on this?

Another player to think about is Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile. Communicator on mobile does not do Voice/Media. Is this because Microsoft wasn't ready to roll it out? Or because they didn't deem 3G reliable enough to do? Or just because RTaudio would take more cpu than is in any current mobile device?

What do you think? Is Mobile SIP Voice/Media ready for primetime? Do you know a solution that is?

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  1. Matt posting for blog reader:

    I’d leave a response on your blog, but I can’t seem to post a comment without an account at a number of services I don’t use, so here it is…

    Nokia may be "old school" now, but it has a SIP client "that just works".

    SIP over 3G is acceptable, provided you ensure that G729 is used (or another low bit rate codec) because it copes well with the nature of the connection - more than trivial latency and dropped packets.

    My nokia sip client selects WiFi when available (and, at one on site location with a customer, the backhaul is provided by a 3G modem in that case anyway), and 3G when it is not. Incoming and outgoing calls are reliable, good quality, and, as far as our customers are concerned, transparent. They ring my office number, and they get me - wherever I am.


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